The BUCHU Store is Proud to announce the we now distribute BUCHU Ultra brand of products.  BUCHU Ultra products are manufactured in the USA however the active ingredient Buchu Oil extract is sourced as a raw material from the South African grown plant Agathosma betulina.  BUCHU Ultra products have 20% more of the active ingredient (BUCHU Oil) per volume than our previously offered brands “Ricky Litchfield” & “Equestrian AID”


Buchu (Agathosma betulina) is a plant endemic to the Western Cape of South Africa.  Buchu was traditional harvested in the wild, but today is a sustainably source from cultivated fields.   Buchu holds the title of South Africa’s most recognized medicinal plant, its beneficial properties have been documented for over 300 years.

Our products are rich in the following Bioflavonoids and Antioxidants found naturally in steam distilled BUCHU Oil extract:
Natural Antiseptic and Mild Diuretic
Fights Free-Radicals throughout the body

A powerful Antioxidant, Natural Antihistamine and Anti-Inflammatory
Aids in the pain relief from inflammatory disorders such as Arthritis
Antihistamine is known to provide relief from allergic symptoms

Supports blood circulation, offering aid in bruising, varicose veins and blood pressure
Amplifies the effect of Vitamin C
Has natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties

Supports the vascular system
Has anti-inflammatory, free-radical scavenging and antimutagenic properties
Supports healthy capillaries and connective tissue, reducing bruising, varicose veins and fragile capillaries
Supports the prevention of sagging and wrinkling of skin by working in synergy with Vitamin C to maintain healthy supply of collagen

Known to protect your Eyes from Night Blindness and Age-Related decline
Helps form and maintain healthy skin, hair, bones and teeth
Supports an Healthy Immune System

Promotes improved energy & stable moods
Promotes healthy skin, hair and eyes
Supports the nervous and immune systems

Supports healthy skin, muscles, nerves, heart and red blood cells
Support protection against cellular damage
Contributes to healthy blood circulation and improves wound healing

From the naturally occurring components illustrated in the above table, you can gain a better understanding of the variety of beneficial properties of BUCHU and Our Products

South African’s have been taking advantage of the natural benefits of Buchu (Agathosma betulina) for centuries.  In 1999 Immunologist Professor Patrick Bouic together with a team of scientist started scientific research - .  Professor Patrick Bouic has lead multiple teams for various research and development projects of the years and is still very active in conducting testing and research.

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